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The Sino-Indian Border Question: A Historical Review
Ed. by Dr. S.P. Sen, 1971 pp 203, Price: Rs. 25.00

The purpose of the present volume is to lay before the readers the full history of the Himalayan belt from the NEFA to Ladakh from the days of remote antiquity to the middle of the 20th century, in order to enable them to understand the Sino-Indian border problem in its correct perspective.

The North and the South in Indian History: Contact and Adjustment
Ed. by Dr. S.P. Sen, 1976, pp. 226, Price: Rs. 50.00

As the title indicates, it is an account of the contact and interaction between the North and the South (from the geographical point of view) in Indian history through the ages.  It is a myth to claim that the two regions of India lived in isolation, specially in pre-British times, and developed on their separate lines.  The theme was undertaken to clear up the general misconceptions and examine from the facts of history throughout the ages the constant and meaningful interaction between the North and the South

Historical Writings on the Nationalist Movement in India
Ed. by Dr. S.P. Sen, 1977, pp. 251, Price: Rs. 50.00

The volume aims at studying the historical writings on the nationalist movement including a survey of the source materials available in different parts of India in different languages.  Though the nationalist movement in India was in one sense a common movement for all parts of India of the country, there were wide differences between province and province in the nature, motivation, timing and intensity of struggle.  In this volume the regional differences have been taken into account and a glimpse of the contents will show that two papers on Bengal and one each on Bihar, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Goa have been included.

Social Content of Indian Religious Reform Movements
Ed. by Dr. S.P. Sen, 1978, pp. 523, Price: Rs. 130.00

The volume aims at bringing out the social background and social objectives of the numerous Religious Reform movements in India from the ancient times to the present day and to ascertain the extent to which the social objectives had been ultimately achieved.  Needless to assert that every religious reform movement rises out of certain socio-economic conditions.  Religion, as anything else, is a part of the social milieu.  The present volume is not primarily concerned with the theological part of the religious movements, but it tries to trace the social perspectives as well as social aims and objectives.

Social and Religious Reform Movements in the 19th and 20th Centuries
Ed. by Dr. S.P. Sen, 1979, pp. 520, Price: Rs. 125.00

The present work analyses the social and religious movements in modern India.  The papers included in this volume are critical studies of the movement evaluating their success or failure and the reaction they produced in the society.  A perusal of the contents will show that social and religious reform movements during the period have been discussed statewise – Bengal, Assam, Orissa, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Pondicherry, Goa, Manipur, Nagaland and Meghalaya

Historical Biography in Indian Literature
Ed. by Dr. S.P. Sen, 1979, pp. 348, Price: Rs. 100.00

The main aim of the present work is to trace and assess in depth the growth of a branch of literature in different Indian languages from the earliest to the modern times, in so far as it concerned biographies of historical importance.  Like any other branch of literature or of history, historical biography has passed through a long process of evolution.  The papers published in this volume have studied this evolution together with a critical and balanced assessment of their merits and limitations.

Sources of the History of India (A set of six volumes)
Ed. by Dr. S.P. Sen and Dr. N.R. Ray, Price : Rs. 1375.00

The primary objective of this multi-volumed publication is to help advanced students of history in getting to know the wealth of historical source material lying scattered in different parts of the country and in different languages.  But the important objective is to ascertain the extent to which the available source material had been utilized by historians and the gaps that still remains to be filled up.  It is the most important and valuable contribution to the compilation of source material for Indian history as a whole.

Western Colonial Policies and their Impact on Indian Society (2 volumes)
By Dr. N.R. Ray, Vol. I, 1981, pp. 490, Price: Rs. 125.00; Vol. II, 1983, pp. 341, Price : Rs.100/-

It is well known that the story of the expansion of Europe beyond the geographic limits of the continent is one of the most exciting and significant episodes in world history.  It is important and relevant to look into the impact of the colonial policy and practice as followed by the western powers in India.  Their impact was definitely affecting almost all walks of life of the country.  The volume one covers four important sections – Agriculture and Land Settlement, Industry and Trade, Administration and Political Development and Religion, Culture and Literature.  The second volume deals with British, French and Portuguese colonial policies and their impact on the Indian society.

Public Associations in India from the Early Years of the 19th Century to Independence
Ed. by Dr. N.R. Ray, 1984, pp. 404, Price : Rs. 170.00

The present volume, a collection of 40 papers is a comprehensive volume on the Public Association in India from the early part of the 19th century till independence.

The Himalayan Frontier in Historical Perspective
Ed. by Dr. N.R. Ray, 1986, pp. 399, Price : Rs. 125.00

The present volume deals with the entire Himalayan Belt from the north-eastern to the north-western extremity of India.  It has brought out the close historical links of the different sectors of the Himalayan frontier with the rest of India.

Supplementary Dictionary of National Biography, Vol. III
Ed. by Dr. N.R. Ray & Dr. C. Palit, 1986, 1988; 2010
Price : Vol. I & 2, Rs. 350.00 each, Vol. 3, Rs. 1000.00

The Dictionary of National Biography in four volumes brought out by S.P. Sen covered the period between 1800 and 1947.  A far sighted academician as he was, S.P. Sen planned a Supplementary to the original series to cover the first twenty-five years after Independence, 1947-1972.  In the Supplementary Dictionary living personalities were included who made significant contributions to any walk of Indian life.  The Institute has published 3 volumes of SDNB so far.

A Descriptive Classified Catalogue of Christian Missionary Records in Calcutta and Around, 2 volumes.
Ed. by Dr. N.R. Ray,1986, Vol. I, Price : Rs. 370.00 and Vol. II, Price : Rs. 350.00

The first volume of ‘A Descriptive Classified Catalogue of Christian Records in Calcutta and Abroad’ published in 1986 contains after a detailed introduction of survey of the records of nine important Christian Institutions.  Its volume Two published in 1988 contains twelve other renowned Christian organizations.  The records surveyed in these two volumes form the gems of the missionary archives and refer to numerous and varied socio-political developments in India in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Militant Nationalism in India 1876-1947
Ed. by Dr. A. Mukherjee, 1995, pp. 598, Rs. 350.00

The so called militant nationalist movement which constitutes the subject matter of this publication really marked an important phase in the history of the growth of political consciousness in India.  Through sober analysis, this book proves that though the importance of Gandhi’s mass movement can not be underrated, the revolutionary nationalists must be given a large share of the credit for bringing about political liberation from the foreign yoke.  This publication also shows that militant nationalism was not merely restricted to Bengal – Punjab – Maharashtra, as generally believed, it touched many areas in North and South India and many sections of Indian society hitherto unknown.

Gandhi, Yesterday and Today
By Dr. A. Mukherjee, 1997, pp. 202, Price : Rs. 250.00

The monograph deals with Gandhi’s contribution to the freedom struggle.  It will provoke the readers to form their own estimates of Gandhi.  Gandhi’s idea of trusteeship, his philosophy of rural reconstruction, his views about the peasantry, labour, caste and religious issues, women question, environmental issues, international understanding – all these issues are analysed in detail.

The Stagnating City: Calcutta in the 18th Century
By Dr. Ranjit Sen, 2000, pp. 321, Price : Rs. 350.00

In the eighteenth century Bengal was outwardly Mughal.  Inwardly it was turning into a British protectorate.  In this process it suffered from a double scourage – the failure of the Bengal Nawabs to defend their kingdom from external attacks and internal subversions and the predatory lust of the English East India Company operating for territorial and commercial gains from behind the mask of a mercantile company.  This process of urbanization stopped Bengal’s urbanization.  The Mughal urbanization of Bengal now came to an end.  It was in this situation that Calcutta emerged.  But Calcutta was not an upcoming city upto the middle of 18th century.  Calcutta’s urbanization was not a very impressive phenomenon.  Gasping in a labour-short and capital-short economy Calcutta could not tale long strides in urbanization.  Thus, stagnation was marked in Calcutta in the eighteenth century and Ranjit Sen’s book has studied this phenomenon of stagnation.

North-east India’s Place in India-China Relations and its Future Role in India’s Economy
By Prof. Haraprasad Roy, 2003, pp. 179, Price: Rs. 300.00

The present monograph primarily based on data from Chinese sources analyses the possibility of having an integrated approach for the uplift of the economy of Northeast India by making judicious use of the resources of the region in collaboration with the contiguous areas of South and South-west China.   

Mahatma Gandhi and the Depressed Classes
By Dr. Atul Chandra Pradhan, 2008, pp. 111, Price: Rs. 300.00

The purpose of this volume is to examine the role of Mahatma Gandhi in the removal of untouchability as a problem of national importance and assess his overall contribution to the uplift of the depressed classes.  A remarkable attempt has been made to examine the character of Gandhian movement for the depressed classes and Gandhi’s differences with the British and depressed classes spokeman like B.R. Ambedkar on the question of their amelioration as also to highlight the ultimate outcome of the interaction of the divergent approaches.

Studies in India, Maritime Trade Through the Ages
1st published 1999, second edition 2008
Ed. by Chittabrata Palit, pp. 164, Price : Rs. 300.00

The articles published in the present compilation endeavoured to throw light on certain aspects or phases of India’s maritime trade in different periods of her history.  The bargaining capacity of the Indian producers and merchants has been properly underscored.

Making of British Assam
By J.B. Bhattacharjee, 2008, pp. 130, Price : Rs. 300.00

Assam was constituted into a province by the British rulers of India to meet the colonial needs of a viable province in the Northeastern part of their Indian empire.  The creation of a province by putting together historically, culturally and linguistically disperable areas, it is argued, was responsible for ethnic and linguistic conflicts in Assam before and after the independence of India and the creation of new States in the post-independence period.

Urbanisation in India: Past and Present
Ed. by Dr. Chittabrata Palit, 2009, pp. 344, Price: Rs. 500.00ISBN – 978-81-910-629-3-9

This urban study of past and present provides a panorama of the process of urbanization and its impact on society and culture through the ages.  The political, economic, social, cultural and even medical and feminist themes have been tackled in this volume.

The Changing Face of Folk Culture
Ed. by Dr. Chittabrata Palit, 2009, pp. 340, Price : Rs. 500.00

The volume is composed of articles presented in a seminar at the Institute and some invited papers.  It covers the whole universe of folk culture in transition and will surely be a collector’s item.

Indian Historiography, Vol. I
Ed. by Dr. Chittabrata Palit, 2009, pp. 245, Price : Rs. 400.00

In this volume, three articles on each section: ancient, medieval and modern India have been included.  In the first section on ancient India, critical issues like feudalism and transition from status to contract, formation of state with roots of oriental despotism have been examined.  Early stages of urbanization and town planning have also been addressed.
In the second section on medieval India, imperial decline due to personal incompetence of rulers and institutional decay have been highlighted.  The hierarchical policy and the tax burden on primary producers produced a fractured Central State which in turn led to the formation of segmented states.  But with the growth of trade and commerce and resultant urbanization the potential for capitalist development came to play.  Foreign trade boosted it.  These issues are in focus in this section.
In the section on modern India, further development of urbanization with its negative side, colonial deforestation balanced by efficient forest conservation, proletarianisation and politicization of industrial labour have been covered.  Thus this volume becomes a significant contribution to Indian historiography.

Continuities of Civil Rebellion in the Indian Mutinies
Ed. by Dr. Chittabrata Palit, 2009, pp. 248, Price : Rs. 400.00

The present volume is a valuable addition to the outpouring researches on the revolt of 1857.  Among the articles published in this volume, mention should be made of Rani Lakshmi Bai, character of the Mutiny as a war of independence, 1857 : The Missing Indian Standpoint, 1857 Freedom Struggle and Hindu Muslim Unity, The Sikhs : the Revolt of 1857 in Punjab,  The Revolt of 1857 and some Recent Bengali Novels, Situating Santhals in the Revolt of 1857 in Jharkhand etc.  It will truly be a reference to recon with. 

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose in Historical Perspective
Ed. by Dr. Chittabrata Palit, 2010, pp. 260, Price : Rs. 600.00ISBN 978-81-910629-1-5

Netaji has been a living icon of Indian history and contemporary India.  In this present crisis of loss of values in life Netaji remains a role model for future generations.  It is therefore necessary to reassess Netaji’s life and achievements.  The rainbow character of Netaji’s activities are well brought out in this final collection and it is certain to be a big draw for the reading public.

Religion and Culture in Historical Perspective
Ed. by Dr. Chittabrata Palit, 2010, pp. 341, Price : Rs. 60.00

Historical perspective has drastically changed from purely political history to subaltern studies.  Of late, it is veering towards the old faithful history of culture and religion.  The ugly face of global capitalism has prompted societies to trace the religious and cultural roots of civilizations for enforcement of identity and sustenance.  The reading public all over the world are on the look for a book on the religion and culture of any old civilization.  In this context, a book on the religion and culture of India is very much welcome.  This survey is a treasure trove of such values studied religion by region.  All the contributors are specialists in the history of their respective regions and the book ultimately becomes a grand cultural mosaic of mother India.  The book has two sections on religion and culture with suitable sub-headings.

Colonial Criminal Justice : Popular Response in Bengal
By Atri Kumar Chatterjee, 2011, pp. 180, Price : Rs. 300.00ISBN-978-81-910629-5-3

With the assumption of the colonial administration directly by British crown the erstwhile Islamic form of criminal justice practiced in India during the Company’s rule, was transformed on the model of the sophisticated British judicial administration.
The author, in course of six essays tries to find out whether the voice of the different sections of the people of Bengal, the land where the British administration experiments were primarily tested, was given credence by the lawmakers of the Raj in the shaping of the new structure.  He tries to discern if the lofty promises uttered in the Royal Proclamation in 1858, as an aftermath of the Sepoy uprising, were genuine ones or simply propagandise to conceal the imperialist design.

The Maratha Saga in Bengal : A Colonial Experience
By Dr. Karabi Mitra, 2011, pp. 207, Price : Rs. 300.00

The monograph highlights how the history of the Marathas was used as an aid by the western educated intellectuals in disseminating nationalism in colonial Bengal.  In the process the exercise on the subject touched upon the sensitive issues like inter-communal relationship, gender question, inter-provincial contact and created an exclusive cuisine catering to the need of the urban as well as rural reading milieu.

Indian Hisforigraphy, an Analysis, Vol.II
Ed.by Dilip Coomer Ghose and Ranjet Sen, 2013, Pp.238, Price : Rs. 300.00

This book is an in-depth enagement with the study of some aspects of Indian historigraphy. The sepctrum of the work has been formed by eight essays written by some eminent historians of the country. In this volume Ancient India Art, Science and Technology in Ancient India, Women in Early India, Environmental History, Sufi Saints and Sufi Doctrines, Medieval Indian Painting, Tribal Movement in Colonial India, Resistance to Colonial Rule in india have been addressed.

From The home to the World-Ashapurna Devi in Restropect
Ed.by Dilip Coomer Ghose, 2013, Pp.122, Price : Rs. 200.00

This monograph is a compedium of eleven papers covering in details the diverse facets of lterary creation of Ashaprna Devi so that readers may have opportnity to appreciate the unique contribution of Ashapurna Devi to the desired social changes for women which has evident in the present Indian Scenrio is yet to be achived.

Historian & Histrography in Morden India(Second reprinted and enlarged edition) Part I
Ed.by S.P.Sen and Dilip Coomer Ghose, Pp.315, Price : Rs. 475.00

This volume covers eminent Indian historians who had contributed to the ancient and medieval perod of Indian history.

Historian & Histrography in Morden India(Second reprinted and enlarged edition) Part II
Ed.by S.P.Sen and Dilip Coomer Ghose, Pp.227, Price : Rs. 425.00

This volume covers both eminent Indian historians who had contributed to the modern period of Indian history and the distingished British historians who have made significant contribution to the Indian historical Sutdies.

The Dialectic of Perception : The Relation of History with Literature
Ed.by Dilip Coomer Ghose and Ranjet Sen, 2014, Pp.235, Price : Rs. 475.00

The present volume consisting of twenty three essays written by competent scholars in an exercise in finding out the true relation approaches to problems and finally in their structuring relations between the two disciplines, history and literature.